Car Parking in North Devon

It is easy to visit North Devon by car. Our car parks offer convenient parking in towns and villages across the area. Our interactive car park map provides the location of all the North Devon Council owned or operated car parks with links to further information and charges for each location. We have included postcode information for most of our car parks so that you can get directions from your GPS. Please note that the information is approximate as postcodes are assigned to properties and not car parks. Car parks are also listed by location:

Pay-on-foot Parking

Entry and exit barriers and new payment machines have been installed at Hardaway Head (site of the old multi-storey off Queen Street) and Bear Street car parks.

The new pay-on-foot scheme involves taking a ticket at the barrier and paying for your parking when you return to your vehicle. This means you do not have to rush back to your car before your ticket runs out, giving you more time to spend in town.

The new payment machines take coins, notes, credit and debit cards. More information is available on our pay-on-foot page