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Your feedback

We hope the services you receive from us are the quality you expect, or better.
We understand there are times when you feel unhappy with our services, or you may want to make a suggestion about how we can improve. You can give us your feedback in different ways, you can:
  • complete our online form
  • telephone our Customer Service Centre on 01271 327711 (Typetalk precede with 18001)
  • send us an SMS text message: 07624 804042
  • write to us at

    Customer Services
    North Devon Council
    Civic Centre
    North Walk
    EX31 1EA
  • email:
  • visit one of our council offices.
We can provide leaflets and forms in alternative languages or formats.


Who will deal with my complaint?

By complaining you give us the opportunity to put things right and review the way we do things in future.

We have trained investigation officers in each service, who will deal with your complaint; they will send you an acknowledgement within three days of receipt and tell you when a full response will be made. Our aim is for this to be within 15 working days.

If your complaint is found to be justified

You will receive a written apology and we will carry out a review to see if we need to make any changes to our procedures or systems. If you have suffered a financial loss, or have spent an unreasonable amount of time pursuing the complaint, we will make a decision on whether we should compensate you.

If you have made a complaint and are unhappy with our first response

If you are unhappy with the response you get from the first investigation we carry out, you may refer your complaint to Customer Services, who will carry out an independent investigation. If you are still unhappy with the response we give you, you can refer your complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman external website. Customer Services will send you a referral form when they respond to your complaint.

If you are unhappy about the way we have dealt with a complaint about data protection or freedom of information, please contact the Office of the Information Commissioner external website.

What falls outside of our complaint procedure?

We have a separate process for appeals against certain council decisions, for example parking tickets, planning or benefit decisions, these usually result from legal requirements. We also have a separate procedure for making a complaint about a councillor, you will need to contact our Legal Services to separately discuss your concerns with them.

As part of our commitments to you, we will report regularly on our complaint performance.

Meeting your needs

  • How satisfied are you with our Customer Service Centre face to face performance?
  • How satisfied are you with the way we handled your complaints?
  • How did we perform against our standards (for timeliness, content and if we answered the query) for replying to our customers?
  • How you view our services and can we improve them
  • How did our Customer Service Centre perform against their standards?


Your compliments let us know when you are happy with our services. They help us to see what we are doing well and how we can improve other services. We pass your compliments to the appropriate department or staff member and where requested we will acknowledge your feedback.

As part of our commitments to you, we will report regularly on our compliment performance.

Comments and suggestions

Your comments and suggestions give us ideas on how we can improve services, save money, or provide information to you. These can be any aspect of the services we provide. We pass your comments and suggestions to the appropriate department or staff member and where requested we will acknowledge your feedback.

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