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Crematorium fees

North Devon Crematorium

All prices include VAT where applicable.

Cremation fees

Cremation fees Fee
Adult (over the age of 16 years)£590.00
Child (up to the age of 16 years)No Fee
Cremation delivery fee or walk through/no service (before 9.00am)£490.00
30 minute service time extension£87.00
Use of chapel for memorial service for 30 minutes including organist£154.00
Penalty for service over run£137.00

The cremation fee includes:
  • use of chapel, waiting room etc
  • services of Chapel Attendant, organist
  • medical referee’s fee
  • disposal of cremated remains in gardens (unwitnessed)


Containers Fee
Cardboard casket£10.00
Metal urn£35.00

Burial of cremated remains

Burial of cremated remains Fee
Burial under lawn in authors section with granite plaque on a memorial tower for a 10 year lease period£190.00
Placement fee when returned 12 months or more following cremation£49.00
Placement fee when cremation took place elsewhere£98.00
Attendance fee£34.00
Dispatch to any address in UK£80.00
Temporary deposit per month after the first month£15.00

Garden Memorials

Garden memorials Plaque Fee
Rose Bush including 10 year lease andAcrylic £235.00
Rose Bush including 10 year lease andBronze plaque£263.00
Standard Rose including 10 year lease andAcrylic plaque£261.00£289.00
Standard Rose including 10 year lease andBronze plaque£289.00
Shrubs including 10 year lease and Acrylic £235.00
Shrubs including 10 year lease and Bronze plaque£263.00

Book of remembrance

Book of remembrance Fee
2 lines£46.00
5 lines£75.00
8 lines£98.00
5 lines and emblem£134.00
8 lines and emblem£152.00

Copy entries

Copy entries Fee
2 lines£38.00
5 lines£46.00
8 lines£64.00
5 lines and emblem£94.00
8 lines and emblem£108.00


Renewals Length Fee
Rose Bush10 year renewal£230.00
Rose Bush5 year renewal£105.00
Rose Bush1 year renewal£25.00
Standard Rose10 year renewal£240.00£105.00£30.00
Standard Rose5 year renewal£105.00
Standard Rose1 year renewal£30.00
Shrubs10 year renewal£230.00
Shrubs5 year renewal£105.00
Shrubs1 year renewal£25.00
Climbers10 year renewal£240.00£105.00£30.00
Climbers5 year renewal£105.00
Climbers1 year renewal£30.00


Plaques Fee
Acrylic £53.00

Phillips Memorials

Phillips Memorial Fee
Leather Plaque including 10 year lease period£204.00
10 year renewal£139.00
l5 year renewal£72.00
Leather Plaque£63.00

Bird box

Bird box Fee
10 year lease and metal plaque£112.00
5 year renewal£80.00
1 year renewal£22.00


Miscellaneous fees Category Fee
Outdoor vase block5 year renewal£275.00
Outdoor vase blockReplacement stone plaque£168.00
Bird bath/sundial5 year renewal£167.00
Posy vase1 year renewal£46.00

Please note:
  • All items of memorialisation are subject to availability
  • All ashes are buried loosely in the ground

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