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Grants and Community News


Compiled by the Grants Team at North Devon Council. Email grants@northdevon.gov.uk  or call 01271 388253 


Community Councillor Grants from North Devon Council

Grants are available for voluntary and community groups, sports clubs and not-for-profit organisations that benefit the residents or environment of North Devon.

Each of our District Councillors is allocated 1,000 pounds per year to help address the issues, needs and aspirations of local communities through projects or services run by community groups and voluntary organisations.

The fund closes on 31st January 2018 and any grants awarded must be claimed by 14th March 2018. As the funding is available on a first-come first-served basis it is recommended that you apply as soon as possible.

You can find the guidance notes and the application form at www.northdevon.gov.uk/grants  


TAP Fund for North Devon 2017-18

Devon County Council and North Devon Council are working together to allocate a sum of money to be available in grants to Towns, Parishes and Community Groups in North Devon, equivalent to 1.10 pounds per head of electorate in the District. 

The Fund aims to develop collaborative working between towns and parishes, and the voluntary and community groups within them.   It is intended to ‘kick-start’ local projects and to encourage local action for projects and services that will make a real difference at community level.

Applications should demonstrate that projects will benefit residents of more than just one parish.   It is possible for Towns and Parishes to use the TAP Fund for their own ditch and drainage work. A separate criteria exists for this.

Please check our site to download the application form, or apply online:  TAP Fund for North Devon 


The Newby Trust

The Newby Trust is a charitable trust which makes grants to registered charities and to organisations for use on behalf of individuals in need. The principal purpose of the Trust is to enable people in the UK to improve their quality of life and fulfill their potential by providing funding for educational opportunities, social and financial needs and medical conditions.

There are two ways to apply, depending upon whether you are a registered charity or an organisation applying on behalf of an individual.

For full details of how to apply visit their site www.newby-trust.org.uk/what-we-do/  or email info@newby-trust.org.uk


Children Today Charitable Trust

Children Today is a charity that raises funds to provide specialised equipment and services for children and young people with disabilities throughout the UK.

The Trust was founded in 1994 to help disabled children and young people up to the age of 25 enjoy a better quality of life by providing them with the specialised equipment they need.

Applications must be for specialised pieces of equipment for individual children (not groups or schools) and must be made by the individual applying, their parent, or legal guardian.

As part of the funding process they release the grant amount awarded directly to the supplier only after the piece of equipment has been safely delivered to the applicant.  Due to this they have a suggested list here of suppliers who they will work with. If you have a supplier in mind which does not appear on their list you are invited to call them to discuss it.

In order to apply they ask that you call on 01244 335622 to discuss your needs and request an application form.  They also ask that you provide the following: 

  • a professional medical reference from someone who works the your child in a professional capacity saying how this piece of equipment will benefit them (eg occupational therapist, doctor, hospital consultant)
  • a valid quotation from the supplier of the equipment
  • and basic financial information on the application form

The application form must be returned with the supporting information toChildren Today, 17B Telford Court, Chestergates Business Park, Chester, CH1 6LT.


The Feminist Review Trust – deadline 30th September 2017.

The Trust awards grants of up to 15,000 pounds to projects which support women.  In 2017-2018 they particularly welcome applications which deal with the following

  • Lesbian and transgender rights
  • Violence against women and girls
  • Support of disabled women and girls

Applications may only be made by email. The application form can be downloaded from the Trust’s website www.feminist-review-trust.com/application-form/  and emailed to administrator@feminist-review-trust.com


The Yapp Charitable Trust

The Yapp Charitable Trust grants up to 3,000 pounds to support the core running costs of very small registered charities in England and Wales working with a range of beneficiary groups.  Applications may be made at any time.

The Yapp Charitable Trust is one of a handful of grant-making trusts that prioritises making awards to small charities to help them continue their existing work.

The Trust defines a ‘small charity’ as an organisation registered with the Charity Commission that has a total annual expenditure of less than 40,000 pounds.

Grants up to 3,000 pounds per year for a period of up to three years are available for work that focuses on elderly people, children and young people aged five to 25 years, people with physical impairments, learning difficulties or mental health challenges, social welfare – people trying to overcome life-limiting problems of a social, rather than medical, origin such as addiction, relationship difficulties, abuse and a history of offending, and/or education and learning, with a particular interest in people who are educationally disadvantaged, whether adults or children.

Eligible charities must have their own charity registration number, have been formally established for at least three years and have a total annual expenditure of less than 40,000 pounds.

An application form and guidance notes are available on the Trust’s website www.yappcharitabletrust.org.uk/ and the completed application form should be returned by post or email together with a copy of the charity’s most recent annual report and accounts and any other relevant information.

The postal address is Joanne Anderson, Trust Secretary, The YAPP Charitable Trust, 1st Floor, Mile House, Bridge End, Chester le Street, County Durham, DH3 3RA.


That bit at the end…..

Here at North Devon Council we often become aware of funding opportunities which could benefit local communities who are eligible for S106 Funding.

In order to take advantage of these funding opportunities, we need to be made aware of priorities within communities. Therefore, we are seeking assistance in identifying priorities within your communities.

We would be grateful if you could please advise the Council of your priorities by completing the s106 open space funding expression of interest form, found on our website page Your community priorities and s106 open space funding.

Please provide this information as soon as possible to communities@northdevon.gov.uk to enable the Council to help support the needs of your community.

If you experience any problems or questions please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01271 388253.


Many thanks,


Community Engagement Team