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Cookie controls

How you control cookies depends upon the web browser you use. We have prepared instructions for the most common browsers used.

Before following these instructions, please bear in mind some websites may not function properly if cookies are removed or blocked.

To monitor and control cookies on a case by case basis, you can use tools like Ghosteryexternal website that can block commonly used tracking cookies. The Firefoxexternal website web browser has several privacy plugins that give you greater control of your browsing.

Internet Explorer 8

  • Select Tools from the main menu
  • Select the Privacy tab
  • Select Sites
  • Type in the web address of the site you wish to block/unblock


  • Select Tools from the main menu
  • Select the Privacy tab
  • You have a number of options available depending on the version of Firefox you are using

Google Chrome

  • Select the Tools menu (the spanner symbol)
  • Select Options
  • Select under the Hood
  • Select Privacy>Show Cookies
  • You can then select which cookies to remove

For more detailed instructions for these and other browsers see:

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