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Statement following Batsworthy Cross decision

[Tuesday 23 October 2012]

Photo - Close-up of a wind turbine

Here is a statement following the Planning Inspectorate's decision yesterday (Monday 22 October) to approve a wind farm proposal at Batsworthy Cross.

Councillor Mike Edmunds, Executive Member for Strategic Planning at North Devon Council, says: "We are disappointed by the Planning Inspector's decision to grant permission for nine wind turbines up to 103 metres tall, at Batsworthy Cross at Knowstone.

"The application was originally refused by North Devon Council's Planning Committee in June 2011, whilst another application, for a temporary anemometer mast, was also refused last December.

"The reasons why the committee refused permission for these applications were on the grounds of visual impact on the local landscape and on the heritage assets in the locality of the wind farm. This extends to the intrusion of the wind farm into views towards and from Exmoor National Park, as well as a loss of amenity to residents.

"However, despite these reasons being heard at the public inquiry, which took place this summer, the Planning Inspectorate has granted permission for the development, which they have three years to implement."

You can find more information and background on the planning applications on our website.

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