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Trick or treat responsibly this Halloween

[Monday 22 October 2012]

Photo - Sorry.. no trick or treat this Halloween poster

If you are going trick or treating this Halloween, have a spooktastic time and be safe, but remember, not everyone wants you to call at their home. That’s the message from Safer North Devon, which is supporting a Devon and Cornwall Police campaign this week.

Whilst most people enjoy Halloween fun, for some residents it can be a time of increased concern. So, the ‘Sorry... no trick or treat this Halloween’ campaign is encouraging these residents to place a poster on the front door or window of their home.

Amanda Palmer, Community Safety Manager for Safer North Devon, says: “As a partnership, we work hard to respond to emerging anti-social behaviour through our daily tasking process and are seeing an ongoing reduction in anti-social behaviour across our area.  However, we ultimately want communities to feel they can prevent issues arising in the first place, by getting involved in campaigns such as the police’s Halloween campaign.”

Sergeant Mark Harper, from the partnership, says: “Halloween activities are really popular and have grown immensely in recent years. For many people, it is a fun event where you get the chance to dress up and go out with friends. Whilst not wishing to discourage any of that, we ask trick-or-treaters to consider that there are some people, particularly elderly and vulnerable, who get worried if strangers call at their door during the evening. We’re not here to ruin people’s fun, but we would urge trick-or-treaters to be aware of this, and to therefore not call at homes displaying this poster.”

You can download the poster from

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