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Speed dating with a difference

[Thursday 18 October 2012]


Pupils and councillors from across North Devon have been speed dating this week as part of Local Democracy Week.

Councillors from North Devon Council and pupils from Chulmleigh Community College, Park School, Pilton Community College and West Buckland School took part in the events.

Pairs of students took it in turns to question the councillors on anything they wanted for three minutes.

Executive Member for Performance and Procedures, Councillor Mair Manuel says:  "This is a really good example of democracy in practice, and a chance for both groups to learn from each other. Events like this can encourage young people to take part in politics in the future and challenge stereo typical views they may have about politicians.

"The council has been taking part in Local Democracy Week for over 15 years, it is always well received."

Poppy-Lea Price, Head Girl at Chulmleigh Community College, says: Now that I have been talking to the councillors I understand what I have to do if I want to make a change in my local area."

Ellie Bayet, a year nine pupil from Park School says: "It's been good to ask whatever questions I wanted and get the councillors opinions. I normally only get to ask my parents for their opinion."  

Pupils from Park School and Pilton Community College also took part in a new game based on the television game show The Million Pound Drop. They had to answer questions about how the council works and the services it provides for local residents.

The events are designed to increase awareness amongst young people of the power they will have in the future to shape their community. It is also part of the council's commitment to engage with and support young people.

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