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Verity makes her stand in Ilfracombe

[Thursday 18 October 2012]

Photo - Verity in place on the Pier

A 20.25 metre sculpture by artist Damien Hirst is now proudly in position at Ilfracombe Harbour.

The artwork has been at The Pier car park in the town for a week whilst contractors have been working on the installation. However yesterday (Tuesday 16 October), the sculpture, called Verity, was hoisted into position at the harbour, giving residents their first glimpses of her standing tall.

The sculpture has been loaned to North Devon Council for the next 20 years, with the authority owning the land that it is sited on.

Executive Member for Strategic Planning and Development at Ilfracombe, Councillor Mike Edmunds, says: "She truly is an amazing sight and one I look forward to seeing on the horizon for the next two decades. The people I have spoken to are really excited about her presence and how she could help further boost the local economy. I appreciate that not everyone is a fan of the artwork, but one thing is for sure and that is she's already attracted so much interest into our wonderful town."

Local ward councillor, Paul Crabb says: "Love Verity or hate her, there's no doubt she inspires awe, purely from the scale of the statue. And she certainly adds to our 'curious coastal charm' image!"

Contractors will now spend a further week working on the sculpture, with the size of the compound site being reduced from Monday 22 October. This will allow for more parking spaces to be available in time for half-term visitors.

The car park will then be partially closed from 8 November, as it does every year, to allow for boat storage during the winter months. Further landscaping and lighting around Verity will then take place. It is expected this will be completed by the end of November.

Meanwhile, various local groups are currently discussing a possible event on the pier to welcome Verity, once the further works have been completed.

For more information about Verity's installation, go to Damien Hirst's website.

Information about all Ilfracombe car parks can be found on our website.
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