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Get ready to vote for the new Police and Crime Commissioner

[Thursday 11 October 2012]


Local residents are being reminded to get ready to vote in the upcoming Police and Crime Commissioner election.

North Devon and Torridge District Council will be sending out poll cards to local residents next week so that they can vote in the election which is taking place on the 15 November.

The Police and Crime Commissioner will be accountable for how crime is tackled in local police force areas across Devon and Cornwall.

Electoral Services Manager at North Devon Council, Judith Dark, says: "This is the first election for a Police and Crime Commissioner. Their role is to be the voice of local people and hold the police to account. Because of this it is important that local people help decide who is best for the job."

Election Officer at Torridge District Council, Paula Hunter, says: "Poll cards are about to be delivered to local residents. If you don't receive one it could mean you are not registered to vote. The deadline for registering to vote is 5pm on 31 October so there is still time."

Everyone over the age of 18 can vote in elections providing they are on the electoral register. If you do not receive your polling card or for more information about voting, contact your council's Electoral Registration team on:

North Devon Council - 01271 388277 or email

Torridge District Council - 01237 428702 or email

More information about the Police and Crime Commissioner election can be found by visiting the council websites for North Devon and Torridge.

General information is also available on the myvote website.

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