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Work begins at South Molton livestock market

[Monday 8 October 2012]

Photo - Building to be refurbished at South Molton Livestock Market

Work to improve South Molton's livestock market begins this week.

A 10 week project begins today (Monday 8 October) to repaint the market, replace its roof and improve disabled access.

A temporary roof structure is being erected over the offices, canteen and main sales ring, so the market can remain open while the work is carried out.

Improvements to the livestock market began two years ago, when the old asbestos penning shed was replaced. This second phase of work will see all the remaining asbestos removed and the building's roof and cladding replaced.

Further work to install a new disabled toilet and improve disabled access to the main sales ring is also planned, as well as updates to the electrics and hot water system.

Executive Member for Economic Regeneration, Councillor Malcolm Prowse, says: "The livestock market plays an important role in terms of both the local economy and the community in South Molton. These works are essential and care has been taken to ensure that the market remains open throughout."

Meanwhile, work to remove redundant sheep pens on Southley Road is due to begin early next year. This to provide extra parking spaces close to the existing centre.

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