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Verity arrives in Ilfracombe

[Monday 8 October 2012]

Photo - The sculpture, Verity, arrives in Ilfracombe

Sections of a 20.25 metre tall sculpture by artist Damien Hirst have arrived in Ilfracombe.

The bronze artwork, called Verity, arrived earlier this morning (Monday 8 October) at Pier car park. It is now being kept in a temporary compound on site, whilst contractors continue to work on the sculpture.

As a result, some car parking spaces are unavailable and will remain so, until installation work is complete. The car park will also be completely closed from midnight on Saturday 13 October until 8am on Sunday 14 October. This is to enable safety barriers to be put up, in preparation of the sculpture being hoisted into position.

Executive Member for Strategic Planning and Development at Ilfracombe, Councillor Mike Edmunds, says: "Even though the car park will reopen on Sunday morning, there will be some parking spaces that remain cordoned off. However, this will only be temporary while work on Verity continues and there will still be plenty of other spaces available at the Pier car park. We also have alternative long-stay car parks open as usual in the town, so we hope that any disruption will be kept to a minimum."

Contractors are expected to hoist the sculpture into position some time between Sunday 14 and Wednesday 17 October, dependent on weather conditions. It is then thought a further week will be spent working on the sculpture before it is completed.

For information about alternative car parks in Ilfracombe, visit the council's interactive map on our website.

Meanwhile, progress on the sculpture's installation can be found on Damien Hirst's website (external site).

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