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Opportunity for businesses to 'meet the local buyer'

[Friday 5 October 2012]

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Businesses who want to supply goods and services to the public sector are being invited to ‘Meet the Local Buyer’ later this month.

Hosted by the Devon and Cornwall Procurement Partnership, the event will provide a unique opportunity for local business owners and traders to meet and talk with the people responsible for purchasing in the public sector.

Among the exhibitors will be representatives from North Devon and Torridge District Councils. The event will take place on Wednesday 24 October in the Plymouth Guildhall, from 10am to 5pm.

Exhibitors will include councils across Devon and Cornwall (Cornwall, Devon County, East Devon, Mid Devon, North Devon, Plymouth, Torbay, Torridge and Teignbridge), Plymouth Community Homes, Plymouth Procurement Forum, South Devon College and Exeter University.

There will also be seminars running throughout the day to help give an insight into the way the public sector purchase goods and services and how businesses can win these contracts.

Seminar topics include 'the seven myths of public procurement', 'how to win contracts within the public sector' and an 'essential legal overview'. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions to an expert panel including representatives from the Chamber of Commerce or Federation of Small Businesses, University of Plymouth, local suppliers and public sector buyers. A full list of seminars and timings is available on the Plymouth City Council website.

Leader of North Devon Council, Brian Greenslade, says: “This is a unique opportunity for local businesses to meet with public sector procurement officers to discuss how they may compete for tender opportunities and understand the processes required to be successful. Networking is essential for any successful business and this unique event brings buyers and suppliers from Devon and Cornwall together in a friendly environment."

Leader of Torridge District Council, Barry Parsons, says: "Our councils strive to choose local suppliers wherever possible, and this event is a great chance for local businesses to gain an insight into how we operate and how we are best able to work together."

For more information about this event and to register for a seminar go to the Plymouth City Council website or send them an email.
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