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Barnstaple car park reopens

[Wednesday 3 October 2012]

Photo - Hardaway Head car park

Barnstaple shoppers will have more choice to park from Wednesday 3 October, as the short stay car park on Queen Street reopens.

The old multi-storey car park closed in January and was demolished as part of a project to regenerate the area.

In the meantime, a temporary car park has been provided, using the existing ground floor space of the multi-storey to reduce costs. The new car park is called Hardaway Head.

The council has also recently provided 60 additional spaces at the long-stay car park at Seven Brethren.

Executive Member for Economic Regeneration Councillor Malcolm Prowse says: "It's good to see the car park reopen, providing more choice for parking in the town centre. Improvements to the car park are part of the wider regeneration of the Queen Street/Bear street area."

Local ward member, Faye Webber, says: "I'm glad to see that the car park is reopening and I hope it hasn't caused too much inconvenience. It's taken a little longer than hoped because of the terrible weather. I'm particularly pleased the footpath that runs alongside the car park has reopened, as local residents find it very useful."

Local ward member, Adam Bradford, says: "The multi-storey car park was a structure that had to be demolished for safety reasons. I am very pleased that the project has reached a conclusion. It has not been without difficulties and I would like to thank residents for their patience."

Hardaway Head is a pay and display car park with the option to pay by mobile phone - check the pay machines for more details.

For more information about all North Devon Council car parks, customers can use the 'find your nearest' online mapping tool.
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