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Aldermen honoured for services to the community

[Thursday 27 September 2012]

Photo - Albert Cook, Councillor Sue Haywood and Harold Hopkins

Three local residents have been awarded the status of Honorary Aldermen for their services to community and local government.

At an extraordinary meeting of North Devon Council yesterday (Wednesday 26 September), members voted unanimously in favour of Albert Cook, Harold Hopkins and Ray Liverton receiving the honours.

Honorary Aldermen are invited to attend civic ceremonies and may be asked to stand in for the chairman at functions and events.

This is the first time that the council has used its powers to appoint an Honorary Alderman.

Council Chairman, Suzanne Haywood, presented the group with framed certificates to mark their new titles. She says: "The title of Honorary Alderman is traditionally given in recognition of long and eminent service to the council. Albert, Harold and Ray have all given countless hours, and indeed years, to their communities and I am honoured to present them with this title."

Before his retirement in May last year, Albert Cook spent a total of 60 years representing the public at various levels of local government. He says: "This is truly an honour and completely unexpected. The council was a big part of my life and I always tried to do my best. Although I spent a lot of time on council work, I always thoroughly enjoyed it and liked helping people in my ward."

Harold Hopkins spent over 35 years as a local councillor before he stood down in 2003. He says: "I feel proud and honoured to be nominated for this title.  It was nice to be back in the council chamber to receive my certificate and see some old friends and I'm pleased the council has decided to appoint Aldermen for the first time."

Ray Liverton became a member of Swimbridge Parish Council in 1969 where he has served ever since. Ray was unable to attend yesterday's council meeting, but hopes to collect his certificate at the next full council meeting in November.

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