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Further boost to local FLAG fisheries fund

[Friday 21 September 2012]

Photo - fishing boats in Ilfracombe harbour

A group supporting the sustainable development of local fishing communities in northern Devon will receive a £30,000 boost from local councils.

North Devon and Torridge District Council have both agreed to give £5,000 over the next three years to the FLAG funding programme (Fisheries Local Action Group). This funding will be used to cover the administration costs of the scheme.

Earlier this year, North Devon+, with the support of the district councils, secured £1.1 million of European funding for the FLAG programme. This fund is one of only six in the UK and covers the communities of Clovelly, Appledore, Bideford and Ilfracombe. It will provide financial support and advice to projects that promote and develop fisheries, businesses and communities, and related projects in the food, tourism and marine sectors.

North Devon Councillor Geoff Fowler, is a member of FLAG. He says: "We are very pleased that North Devon Council has agreed to provide financial assistance to FLAG. The work of the group will support local projects to enhance the local fishing industry and will also have a positive effect on the local economy of the area."

Leader of Torridge District Council, Councillor Barry Parsons says: "Torridge will always do its best to support local businesses and the local economy. I hope this funding over the next three years helps to promote both."

Jenny Carey-Wood, at North Devon+, says: “Only a small amount of the FLAG funds can be spent on administration costs and we anticipated finishing the programme in 2014. However now the programme is operational, we need enough time for businesses and communities to turn their good ideas into worked up projects, and we will need to run into 2015 to get the best out of the programme for the area."

For more information and to apply for FLAG funding contact North Devon+ on 01237 426426, send them an email or apply online.

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