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Council's Customer Service Centre to get tweeting

[Thursday 20 September 2012]

Photo - member of staff taking a telephone call

People will get the chance to spend a virtual day in the life of North Devon Council next week.

From 9am until 5pm on Thursday 27 September, the council's Customer Service Centre will take part in a 'tweetathon'. This is where the council will use Twitter, an online social media network, to relay the variety of customer contacts that are received during the day.

The tweetathon is part of a larger initiative by the Local Government Association to encourage councils to use social media, by highlighting the wide range of work carried out and services covered by local authorities.

North Devon Council Leader Brian Greenslade says: "The council is committed to providing the best service for local people, and ensure we are open, engaging and accessible to all. We currently use Twitter to help us do this by letting people know about our services and other council information. However, we hope this tweetathon will raise awareness among the wider community of the range of enquiries, calls and requests we receive on a daily basis."

Emma Ingle, Customer Service Centre Manager, says: "On average, we deal with around 7,000 enquiries every month, either by phone, face-to-face or by email. However, an increasing communication channel is through social media, in particular Twitter. By holding our own tweetathon, I hope it will reflect the varied calls we get, encourage others to join in the discussion on the day, and promote social media as a channel that customers can use to communicate with us into the future."

Tweets will be sent out by the council's Communications team, with no personal details about customers being given out.

To follow North Devon Council's Customer Service Centre on Thursday 27 September, use the hashtags #OurDay and #NDevon on Twitter, or follow us on Twitter.

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