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Public inquiry to reopen into Batsworthy Cross wind farm proposal

[Monday 17 September 2012]

Photo - Close-up of a wind turbine

A public inquiry into proposals for a wind farm at Batsworthy Cross in North Devon will reopen for one day on Thursday (20 September).

The inquiry relates to two wind turbine applications, which originally opened on 12 June and closed on 6 July. The main application included the installation and operation of nine wind turbines up to 103 metres tall. The other, on the same site, was for a temporary anemometer mast.

However, the Planning Inspector has decided to reopen the public inquiry to give further consideration to highway safety issues.

The inquiry will reopen at 10am at Bishops Nympton Parish Hall, Bishops Nympton, Devon, EX36 4NY.

Members of the public will be notified of the arrangements, but the Inspector does not expect to invite further representations from them on this matter.

Further background information about the applications and the inquiry can be found on the planning pages of the council's website.

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