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Council helps protect listed building

[Thursday 13 September 2012]


Officers and members at North Devon Council have taken action to help protect a listed building in Witheridge, which had fallen into disrepair.

At a recent meeting of the council's Executive (Thursday 6 September), members agreed to proceed with a compulsory purchase order with a back to back sale of the property in Fore Street. This will allow the council to buy the property and then sell it immediately to an interested buyer to restore it.

The planning action follows concerns raised by the local community about the property's declining state and its effect on neighbouring homes.

Executive Member for Strategic Planning and Development, Councillor Mike Edmunds, says: "In situations such as this there are procedures that officers can follow. They are not used very often and only as a last resort. In this case they have helped to secure the long term protection of the listed building and resolve a situation that has been causing problems for the local community."

Local ward member, Councillor Jeremy Yabsley, says: " It is with some considerable relief that we can now begin to see a positive end to this unfortunate saga. Fore Street and the lives of neighbouring home owners can now return to normal after what has been a three year struggle to resolve this regrettable situation. I hope the community of Witheridge will join with me in thanking the district council for their determination to bring a satisfactory conclusion."

Once the back to back sale agreement and contracts are in place, work will then begin on the property.

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