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Decisions expected on sculpture for Ilfracombe

[Friday 24 August 2012]

Photo - View of Ilfracombe harbour

Plans for a sculpture in Ilfracombe by artist Damien Hirst will be decided by North Devon Council next month.

The planning application for the 20.25 metre tall sculpture, called Verity, was submitted to the council in June. It asks for permission to site the statue on council land at the pier area of the harbour.

On Wednesday 5 September, the council's Planning Committee will make their decision on the application. This will take into account the views gathered from a consultation involving various consultees and local people.

If the application is approved, the council's Executive, which meets on Thursday 6 September, will then decide whether to officially accept the loan of the artwork for the next 20 years.

We will keep you informed of the decisions as they are made.

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