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Communities asked for views on building a Safer North Devon

[Monday 20 August 2012]

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Draft guidelines have been produced to help the local community safety partnership maintain and build on North Devon and Torridge's safe reputation.

The Community Safety Strategy has been put together by Safer North Devon*, which if adopted will run until 2017.

Safer North Devon's Community Safety Manager, Amanda Palmer, helped produce the guidelines. She says: "The strategy highlights how the partnership is working together to reduce crime, fear of crime and anti-social behaviour for people who live or visit our districts. However, we now want to hear what members of the public think about the strategy, as it's important to meet the communities' needs. Do they think it covers all the relevant issues? Does the document go far enough or perhaps they may think we're focussing too much on certain matters. Whatever their views, we'd like to hear from them."

Torridge District Council's Lead Member for Community Safety, Councillor Andy Boyd, says: "Despite North Devon being one of the safest places in the country to live, there are challenges in our neighbourhoods that stem from deprivation, economic instability and cultural influences. This draft document highlights how we might best tackle these issues, by working in partnership to reduce the effects this can have on our communities. It also takes into account changes that are likely, such as how services are commissioned from April 2013 with the arrival of a new Police and Crime Commissioner."

Cllr Yvette Gubb, North Devon Council's Executive Member for Communities, says: "The Safer North Devon partnership is already making some real progress in tackling issues that affect our communities. For example, earlier this year we launched The Hub, which looks at identifying a fast and effective shared response to anti-social behaviour and environmental crime. Plus, we also follow operational action plans to try to solve problems across the districts. What this strategy does is set out this partnership work so that we can continue to build on the success over the next five years."

The action plans are produced annually and are reviewed every three months by the community safety partnership board. For 2012-17, these priorities include:
  • to reduce the impact of anti-social behaviour on our communities
  • to reduce the impact of alcohol on our communities
  • to reduce the impact of violence, including domestic violence in our communities
  • to manage emerging issues in our communities

To find out more about the draft strategy and to have your say, go to the consultation page through North Devon Council's website. You can also go to Torridge District Council's website (external link).

* Safer North Devon is the local community safety partnership for the area. It includes North Devon Council, Torridge District Council, Devon County Council, Devon and Cornwall Police, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, NHS Devon and Devon Probation Service.

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