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Children's cycle event boosted by community councillor grants

[Tuesday 14 August 2012]

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Although the Olympic Games are over, it's hoped an event in Swimbridge this weekend, which has been supported by North Devon Council, will continue to build on children's sporting enthusiasm.

The Taw Velo Go-Ride Games 2012 have been co-ordinated by British Cycling and have been further boosted by almost £300 in Community Councillor Grants from the two local ward members.

The event is being held on Saturday 18 August and is aimed at children under 16 years of age. Riders will be provided with a short coaching session, before putting their skills to the test with an afternoon of racing.

Local ward member, Councillor David Luggar, says: "Being a keen cyclist, I hope this event will really inspire local young people to get involved in this exciting sport. Over the last couple of weeks, we've enjoyed watching the success of our Team GB cyclists. So who knows - we may even have champions of the future attend these games in Swimbridge!"

Local ward member, Councillor Glyn Lane, says: "I am pleased to be able to support this event. I hope the children who take part will have an enjoyable afternoon of fun, as well as learn some skills that will stay with them, to keep them active as adults."

The Community Councillor Grants from the two councillors have been used to pay for the hire of the village hall and for race equipment, such as high visibility marshal bibs and armbands, flags and signs.

All children are invited to turn up and take part in the Taw Velo Go-Ride Games. Registration is at 2pm at Swimbridge Jubilee Hall, with a £2 entry fee. All riders must bring their own bike and a helmet.

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