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Tap into some extra cash for your community

[Monday 30 July 2012]

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Over £80,000 is now available for towns and parishes in North Devon who are working together to improve their communities.

Devon County Council and North Devon Council have set up a Town and Parish (TAP) Fund to encourage parishes to work more closely together. These groups can now apply for grants if they can show they are working in partnership with each other. This may be for capital or revenue costs, or for a new project or service.

The new fund is a trial launched by the county council and managed locally by the district council. Devon County Council is providing one pound for every elector in the district and North Devon Council is topping up this amount by 10 pence per elector, bringing the total fund to £83,600. The money is only being made available in this financial year (2012/13).

Leader of North Devon Council, Brian Greenslade, says: "The fund is intended to be a catalyst to stimulate ideas and encourage parishes to work together to respond to issues of shared interest and concern. The funding is only available for a short period of time, so I would encourage interested groups to get in touch with us as soon as possible."

Executive Member for Communities, Councillor Yvette Gubb, says: "We hope this fund will be well received by town and parish councils, who are working in partnership on either a project, service or venture. This money is specifically for them to help improve local communities in North Devon, so I hope they'll come forward promptly to make the most of this opportunity."

Applications will only be accepted from two or more councils working in partnership. Registered charities, social enterprises, voluntary and not-for-profit community groups can also apply through their town or parish council.

For more information contact North Devon Council's Grants Officer on 01271 388327 or email For further information on grants and funding, go to the council's website.

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