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Council telephones to open for longer

[Friday 27 July 2012]

Photo - member of staff taking a telephone call

North Devon Council is making a slight change to its telephone opening hours, to extend the time when people can call up for advice or assistance.

Starting on Tuesday 7 August, the Customer Service Centre's phone lines will be open for longer every Tuesday, from 8.30am until 6pm. This will mean people can phone the council for information on a variety of services and issues, such as waste and recycling, environmental health, housing and planning.

Councillor Mair Manuel, Executive Member for Performance and Procedures, says: "The council is keen to ensure that we are more easily accessible and offering good customer service to all. However, we are aware that some people can't always contact the council between the standard 9 to 5, because of their own work commitments. Therefore, we hope this trial of extending our hours will assist them, should they need to contact us for any reason."

The longer telephone hours will operate every Tuesday for six months, when the trial will be reviewed. The phone service during other weekdays will remain  9am to 5pm.

For general enquiries, people can call the council on 01271 327711. Other service contact numbers can be found on the council's website.

Meanwhile, the visiting times of the council's face-to-face Customer Service Centre remain unchanged, with the Civic Centre in Barnstaple, The Ilfracombe Centre and the Amory Centre in South Molton also open from 9am to 5pm.

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