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Councils move forward with joint working

[Wednesday 25 July 2012]

Photo - NDC Chief Executive Mike Mansell, TDC Leader Cllr Barry Parsons, Ricky McCormack, Kate Little, Steve Hearse and NDC Leader Cllr Brian Greenslade

North Devon Council and Torridge District Council are moving forward to bring aspects of their work together, with three staff members now taking up their joint working roles.

This month, the new Joint Head of Strategic Development and Planning, Kate Little, started work at the councils. Her previous position was Head of Economy at East Devon District Council.

Meanwhile, two interim joint heads have also started this month. North Devon Council's Head of Financial Services, Steve Hearse, takes on the interim role for both councils, with Torridge's Head of Waste and Recycling, Ricky McCormack, also now responsible for North Devon Council's equivalent service.

Leader at Torridge District Council, Councillor Barry Parsons, says: "I have every confidence that these appointments will serve both councils well and feel sure that our communities will see the benefits of such joint working within a very short space of time."

North Devon Council Leader, Councillor Brian Greenslade, says: "Both councils are committed to working closely together to make efficiency savings whilst improving our services. These latest roles reflect that commitment and we look forward to seeing the benefits that these joint positions bring, to our services and ultimately to our customers. We also expect further joint working opportunities to follow."

The two joint interim heads will be in place for 12 months, when their roles will be reviewed to see whether the temporary arrangements could work on a permanent basis. Meanwhile, the two councils say they will continue to consider other opportunities for joint working and sharing services in the near future.

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