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Consultation begins on private sector housing

[Tuesday 24 July 2012]

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People living in North Devon are being asked for their views on how financial assistance could be offered in the future to help improve privately owned homes in the district.

The consultation feeds into the Private Sector Housing Renewal Strategy, which was originally adopted in 2008, but has been revised to reflect North Devon Council's priorities and the current economic challenges. It aims to improve conditions for tenants in privately rented properties, as well as support landlords to bring more empty homes back into use.

Executive Member for Housing, Councillor Faye Webber, says: "The updated strategy sets out what we can do to improve housing in the private sector for the next three years. Our key objectives are to improve the condition of certain homes by using intervention powers in the rented sector, as well as targeting financial assistance to both owner-occupied and private rented sectors. Bringing empty homes back into use is also part of this strategy, as is supporting independent living for older people and improving health issues in homes.

"Executive members have already agreed much improved plans for delivering Disabled Facilities Grants as well as our Empty Homes Policy. Therefore, we are keen to hear from the public as to what they think of this document, which brings all of these elements together."

The consultation focusses on a programme of loan assistance available from the council. This includes financial help for vulnerable people living in poor housing conditions, to landlords who are wanting to improve their empty properties, ready to rent out to people in housing need.

To have your say, go to the consultation finder from Wednesday 25 July.

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