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Have your say on Ilfracombe southern expansion area

[Tuesday 3 July 2012]

Photo - The public exhibition on the Ilfracombe southern expansion area, May 2012.

Members of the public have until Friday 6 July to have their say on plans for how Ilfracombe might expand and develop in the future.

The consultation is on a proposed new southern expansion area of the town, located to the east and west of the Old Barnstaple Road. The proposals are part of North Devon Council's joint emerging Local Plan, with the area identified as having the potential to accommodate the majority of the town’s growth until 2031.

Working closely with North Devon Council, Ilfracombe Town Council, local businesses and community groups, a consultant team has prepared a master plan for the area. This includes up to 750 homes, open spaces, plus a new school, medical centre, community and employment facilities.

Executive Member for Strategic Planning, Cllr Mike Edmunds, says: "The proposals could make up a major part of the town’s development over the next 20 years. So it’s vital that local people have a say in how their town is shaped. I would encourage anyone who hasn’t yet seen the plans to take a look now and to share their views with us."

On 25 and 26 May, North Devon Council and Ilfracombe Town Council held a public exhibition at the Landmark Theatre in Ilfracombe. This was in conjunction with David Lock Associates, who have led the town planning and urban design elements of the consultants' work, together with a supporting team of architects, engineers and quantity surveyors. As a result, more than 350 people visited the exhibition to see the master plan and to give their feedback.

Mayor of Ilfracombe, Cllr Lynda Courtnadge, says: "It was good that so many people came to see us during the two-day public exhibition. We have previously held a series of stakeholder workshops to gauge the views of businesses and other community groups. So the views of local people will help give us an even better picture on how we move forward with the proposals."

Information about the plans, as well as a feedback questionnaire, are still available However, all comments need to be received by Friday 6 July.

The master plan will then be refined to take into account comments that have been received. Work will then start towards submitting an outline planning application in the autumn, when further comments can be made about the proposals.

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