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Still time to book summer activities for children

[Monday 2 July 2012]

Photo - Front cover of School's Out 2012 programme

There are just two weeks left to book your child's "School's Out" summer holiday activities.

From climbing to surfing lessons and multi-sport tasters to family events, there is something for all tastes and abilities. The booking line closes at 5pm on Wednesday 18 July, so call now to avoid disappointment.

Each year, North Devon Council's Parks, Leisure and Culture team runs a wide range of sports, arts and cultural activities to keep young people entertained throughout the summer holiday.

Executive Member for Culture, Councillor Derrick Spear, says: "Some activities, such as den building and campfire cooking, are already fully booked, but there are still plenty of places available on others. There's a diverse mix of activities included in the programme, many of which are free. It's better to plan the school holidays in advance and get things booked now before it's too late."

The council’s School’s Out activities will run from Monday 23 July for the six weeks of the school holidays. The programme also includes details of North Devon Theatres activities, Arsenal Soccer Schools and North Devon Leisure Centre's Camp Adventure.

For more information about how to take part and to download a copy of the School’s Out programme, go to the council's website or call 01271 388871.

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