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Art sculpture application received for Ilfracombe

[Monday 2 July 2012]

Photo - Ilfracombe harbour and sea front

A planning application has been received for a sculpture, by local artist Damien Hirst, to be erected in Ilfracombe.

North Devon Council received the application on Friday 29 June, which is for a 20.25 metre tall statue, to be located in the pier area of the harbour.

Councillor Mike Edmunds, Executive Member for Strategic Planning and Development at Ilfracombe, says: "This application will be considered as part of our usual planning process. There will be opportunities for members of the public to comment on the application during the public consultation period. They can do this either online, by email or by post, before 26 July 2012."

Details of the planning application (reference number 54294) can be viewed on the council's planning application tracker. Hard copies of the plans can also be viewed at The Ilfracombe Centre in Ilfracombe.

It is expected the application will be considered by the Planning Committee on 5 September 2012.

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