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Litter-dropping drivers still a problem on link road

[Thursday 24 May 2012]

Photo - Litter picking along the North Devon Link Road

A big clear up of the North Devon Link Road has been completed, which shows irresponsible drivers are still dumping their rubbish at the side of the road.

North Devon Council started the litter blitz on Monday 16 April, with its teams taking a total of 20 days to cover a 34 mile stretch, between Bideford Bridge and Stonelands Cross, near Tiverton.

As a result, 815 bags of rubbish were collected, which included general household waste, builders rubble, wheel hub caps and fast food wrappers.

Executive Member for Environment, Councillor Rodney Cann, says: "Despite raising awareness every year of waste being dumped along this busy route, it seems the message is simply being ignored. Not only does the rubbish give a bad impression to visitors and residents who travel along the road, but it damages the environment, and costs the taxpayer approximately £9,000 for every annual litter blitz.

"Therefore, I again urge drivers to be responsible and to take rubbish home. Remember, if you're caught throwing litter out of your window, dumping your waste in a layby or flytipping, we will take action and prosecute you."

This is the sixth year that the council has carried out a litter blitz on the link road, in conjunction with South West Highways. Last year, 830 bags of rubbish were collected. This was on top of regular clean-ups carried out every month in the laybys, where wheelie bins are provided for drivers to use.

If caught dropping litter, drivers can be fined up to £2,500 and even face court. There are also heavier fines for larger amounts of flytipping.

To report flytipping on public or council land, please visit our website or phone 01271 374776.

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