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Have your say on conservation of Landkey and Swimbridge

[Monday 14 May 2012]

Photo - Station Hill in Swimbridge

North Devon Council is calling on local people to help conserve and protect the unique character of Landkey and Swimbridge.

The council has prepared three draft Conservation Area Character Appraisals that look at what makes the historic character and appearance of the two villages special. Now it is time for local people to have their say on the documents.

The appraisals identify what buildings, open spaces and features contribute towards the character of the villages and also look at potential development pressures the areas are likely to face in the near future.

Executive Member for Strategic Planning, Councillor Mike Edmunds, says: "The review of our conservation area boundaries and appraisals is helping residents and the council to make more informed decisions about the future of the areas and how their development should be managed in the future.

"We want local people to read these documents and put forward their own suggestions about what should be included, so that we don't miss out anything important."

Local ward member, Councillor David Luggar, says: "The council must protect and enhance areas in Landkey and Swimbridge, and there is a need to have extra rules to control building work. The aim is to preserve the special character of Landkey and Swimbridge and ensure that any changes are of a high quality. Please take a few minutes to submit a response for the consultation documents."

Local ward member, Councillor Glyn Lane, says: "The updated conservation area character appraisals will help maintain and enhance the heritage and character of the villages and give an opportunity for parishioners and councillors to comment on the proposals."

The consultation on the Landkey and Swimbridge Conservation Area Character Appraisals runs until 15 June. Members of the public can share their views by visiting the council's online consultation web page. Public exhibitions are also being held at Swimbridge Jubilee Hall on Tuesday 22 May from 3.15pm until 7pm, and at Landkey Village Hall on Tuesday 29 May from 2.15pm until 7pm.

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