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Appointment of Joint Head of Strategic Development and Planning

[Friday 27 April 2012]

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Torridge District Council and North Devon Council are pleased to announce that the role of Joint Head of Strategic Development and Planning has been offered to Kate Little, who currently works at East Devon District Council.

Kate joined East Devon in 2002 as Head of Planning and Countryside, before taking on her current role as Head of Economy at the council. Among her most recent and notable achievements is her success in securing significant inward investment into East Devon, including the development of Cranbrook, a new community to the east of Exeter.

Councillors Barry Parsons and Brian Greenslade, Leaders at Torridge and North Devon Councils, said: "This appointment is the first concrete example of our two councils working closely together and it will certainly strengthen the councils' joint capacity. We believe the role will help lead to more efficient and effective planning services, benefiting not only the councils, but the people we serve."

Mike Mansell, Chief Executive at North Devon, and Jenny Wallace, Head of Paid Service at Torridge, said: "Kate will be a welcome addition to our management teams and we are looking forward to progressing joint working between the two councils."

Kate Little said: "I am delighted to accept the role and I am looking forward to joining the two councils in the summer. This is an exciting opportunity to work across Northern Devon, whilst being part of a new joint working venture."

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