Quick guide to interactive maps
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Quick guide to using our interactive maps

We are producing maps showing the location of some of the services provided by North Devon Council, our partners and other organisations. These maps have a number of useful features such as scrolling and zooming. We will add further functionality over time.

See our A to Z of mapping categories.

Using the map functions

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The arrow symbols allow you to scroll to the left, right, up and down. Or, you can scroll the map by clicking the left mouse button anywhere in the map, holding and dragging your mouse.

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The plus and minus buttons allow you to zoom in (plus) or zoom out (minus). You can also zoom in by double clicking the left mouse button in the map. To zoom out, double clicking the right mouse button.

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Each location on the map has a place marker. Clicking on the place marker brings up details of that location and a link to further information about the location - for example, car park charges and information.

Each map comes with a text list of the locations on the map. Clicking on the relevant text will centre the map on that location and bring up the location details.

Our interactive maps are produced using the Open Space tool from the Ordnance Survey. Please see Ordnance Survey's end user licence agreementexternal website.

Find your nearest

Mapping search box

To find nearest services using a postcode:
  • enter a postcode in the search box: this will return all the addresses with that postcode beneath the search box
  • select the relevant property address from the list: this places a pin on the map and shows a list of the nearest items

You can also search using part of an address or a locality (village or town). In this case the property search may take longer. Searching for a locality will bring up the first 100 properties in the database.

"Show on map"

Show in map

After carrying out a search, selecting "show on map" from next to a property will centre the map and display a pop up with links to other information, such as councillor details and waste and recycling collection days.

Property details

Click on "show nearest" to find nearest council services and other information.

Contact information

To contact the webteam:

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Email: webmaster@northdevon.gov.uk

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