Ilfracombe harbour charges
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Ilfracombe Harbour Charges

Charges valid from 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015

Permanent Mooring Licence Holders

Ground Moorings                                    Per ft(loa)  Per m(loa)

<14ft Beam per annum£16.52£54.20
=>14ft Beam per annum£20.62£67.66

Commercial Vessels with Ground Moorings

<14ft Beam per annum£19.55£64.14
=>14ft Beam per annum£24.49£80.34

Fishing Vessels with Harbour Wall Moorings

<14ft Beam per annum£25.83£84.73
=>14ft Beam per annum£32.29£105.92

Commercial Vessels carrying more than 12 passengers with Wall Moorings

<14ft Beam per annum£26.71£89.45
=>14ft Beam per annum£34.10£111.88

Rowing Boats (with no other means of propulsion)


Non Permanent Mooring Licence Holders

Visiting Boats                                         Per ft(loa)  Per m(loa)

Per Day£0.45£1.48
Per Week£2.76£9.05
Per Fortnight£4.84£15.89
Per 21 Days£6.79£22.26
Per Month£9.31£30.55
Per Summer (3 months)£23.58£77.35

Mooring Fees for Passenger Vessels (overnight stop only)

Per Day                £0.45£1.48

Harbour Dues for Passenger Vessels (per visit)

Per GRT£0.074
Per PAX£0.30
(The GRT element of Harbour Dues is not paid if remaining alongside overnight when mooring fees become payable)

Stop and Shop

<4 Hours £5.21

Miscellaneous Charges

Dryside Winter Storage (Non mooring licence holders)

Per month or part thereof<30ft£36.10
 30ft +£38.66

Slipway Charge

Per Day£6.38
Per Week£20.14


Per Tonne Loaded / Disembarked£0.76

Cruise Liners

Alongside Berth (per GRT)£0.63
At Anchor (per passenger landed)£3.67


Cables (with marine connections for harbour side connection)£30.00
Per unit£0.21


Hoses (with brass connector for harbour side connection)£15.00
Per unit (from metered supplies)POA

Dinghy Storage

Per season                                                                    £13.35

Harbour Authority Area

map - Ilfracombe Harbour Authority Area


1. The Harbour Master may vary these charges and/or levy additional charges in respect of anything done or provided by (or on behalf of) the Harbour Authority in accordance with the Harbours Act 1964 (as amended from time to time), the Ilfracombe Harbour Act and Orders 1870 to 1996 (as amended from time to time) and all powers delegated to the Harbour Master by North Devon Council.

2. Harbour Charges are payable when at anchor, at a buoy or alongside within the Harbour Authority area in accordance with and Under the provisions of the Harbours Docks and Piers Clauses Act 1847, The Pier and Harbour Orders Confirmation Act 1870 (no.1) and Harbours Act 1964 ss. 26-31.

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