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Ilfracombe Harbour Governance Consultation

In June 2006 the Council issued questionnaires to Ilfracombe residents about the future governance of Ilfracombe Harbour.

A consultant specialising in Harbour issues called ‘Marine Enforcement’ has now produced a report, which shows the results of the questionnaire and recommends ways in which the Harbour could be run in the future.

Over 1,200 questionnaires were returned, which is almost a quarter of all those consulted.

At present Ilfracombe Harbour is a municipal Port, which means that it is owned and managed by North Devon District Council. Management decisions are made by the Council, following advice and guidance from the Council’s Harbour Master, the Harbour Users Committee and the Harbour Association.

Of those that replied to the survey, 92% agreed that the management of the Harbour should be transferred to a newly formed Harbour Board. There was also significant support for North Devon District Council to continue to have a role in the governance of the Harbour.

The results called for the new Harbour Board to be open, accountable, fit for purpose and accessible to local people. The consultants have advised that the new Board should be made up of 4 elected Councillors and 4 independent members - local people who have an interest and specialist knowledge in this field.

The District Council is now looking for solutions to the recommendations of the report and taking steps to deliver a Harbour Board or Committee that will meet the needs and expectations of the community.

Copies are available to download (below) or can be picked up at the Ilfracombe Community Office, Lantern Centre, Ilfracombe.

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