How would you like to be consulted?
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How would you like to be consulted?

One of the key principles in the new planning system is to better engage the local community.

There is an increased emphasis on undertaking effective and meaningful consultation and public involvement, so that decisions will be better informed and made in collaboration with the people who may be affected by them.

We want you to become involved in the process and to let us know how you would like to see North Devon develop in the future.

What methods should the council use to engage and consult the local community on local development documents being prepared? (email link)

For instance:

1. The council's newsletter "North Devon Direct"

2. Local press (newspapers, local radio, TV)

3. Information published here on the website

4. Public exhibitions

5. Public displays at the Ilfracombe Centre and Amory Centre, South Molton

6. Public workshops and meetings with the local community

7. Questionnaires (paper or online)

8. Emails or letters

9. Other methods?

If you would like to be kept informed of key stages in the Local Development Framework, then please print, complete and return the following form.

Contact Information Form

Online form

Printable form (pdf 14kb) PDF logo

It can be posted to the Planning Policy Unit at the Civic Centre, Barnstaple; faxed to 01271 388333; or completed online.

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