Planning enforcement
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Planning enforcement

Breaches of planning control

An explanation of how possible breaches of planning control are investigated and resolved, in addition to full details of both the policy and procedures relating to planning enforcement, are available by contacting:

Planning Enforcement Team
North Devon Council
Civic Centre
North Walk
EX31 1EA

How do I report or enquire about a breach of planning control?

If you are concerned that a development or an activity has taken place without planning permission, and or listed building consent you can report this to the enforcement team.

To assist us you should provide:
  • clear details of what is causing you concern
  • precise details of the location or address (including the post code) and preferably the land / property owner
  • your name, address and telephone number (completely confidential), in case we require further information and so that we can advise you of progress and the eventual outcome of the investigation

The enforcement process

Enforcement action is a discretionary power to be taken only when it is appropriate to do so, and any action taken should be proportionate to the breach. It should be noted that it is not a criminal offence to carry out development without first obtaining planning permission, and the planning acts allows the submission and consideration of a retrospective application. Enforcement action should not be taken simply to correct the absence of planning permission provided the development is acceptable.

In cases where it is essential to protect the area, or for reasons of public/highway safety, or to protect the integrity of the development control process, enforcement action will be taken.

The local planning authority has other powers regarding listed buildings, conservation areas, trees, hedges, advertisements and untidy sites.

Taking enforcement action

Taking enforcement action may result in the issuing of an enforcement notice or a breach of condition notice. The decision on whether it is appropriate to take action is a matter for the council to decide in the circumstances of each particular case. That decision must not be unreasonable, or taken without proper consideration of the relevant facts and the planning merits of the case.

The enforcement notice will:
  • state the nature of the alleged breach as either development without planning permission, or a failure to comply with conditions or limitations to which planning permission has been granted
  • identify the land to which the notice relates
  • clearly state the matters which appear to make up a breach of planning control
  • state the reasons for issuing the notice
  • specify when the notice takes effect
  • specify the steps required to deal with the breach or any damage to the area caused
  • provide a reasonable period for compliance

To view enforcement notices

The following list contains links to enforcement notices issued since 1 April 2002. This is a 'work in progress' and therefore some notices may not be available until data checks have been completed. A full searchable list of notices will be available in the near future via the Online Application Tracker.

Parish Address Enforcement case number File type
AtheringtonLand at Quiet Waters, High Moor, Atherington6807(pdf. 557kb) PDF logo
BarnstapleFourways, St Johns Lane, Barnstaple4097(pdf 125kb) PDF logo
BarnstapleThe Meadow, Nr Upper Gorwell House, Goodleigh Road, Barnstaple7763(pdf 395kb) PDF logo
Barnstaple30 Boutport Street, Barnstaple7766(pdf 1.82MB) PDF logo
BarnstapleMarmaris Kebab and Pizza, 20 Bear Street, Barnstaple8415(pdf 1.28MB) PDF logo
Barnstaple9a Ebberly Terrace, Bear Street, Barnstaple8523(pdf 385kb) PDF logo
BerrynarborYetland Holdings, Berry Down4156(pdf 108kb) PDF logo
BerrynarborLand at Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park and Jurassic Hotel6361 - workshop(pdf 1.01MB) PDF logo
BerrynarborLand at Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park and Jurassic Hotel6361 - mobile homes(pdf 924 kb) PDF logo
Bishops TawtonLand at Deer Park Nurseries, Deer Park Road, Barnstaple
6112 - Change of Use
6112 - Operational
(pdf 1.0 MB) PDF logo
(pdf 2.8 MB) PDF logo
Bishops TawtonWhitemoor Grange, Bishops Tawton 7581(pdf 3.47 MB) PDF logo
Bishops Tawton10 Sanctuary Close, Bishops Tawton8054(pdf 1.11MB) PDF logo
BittadonLand OS 8088, The Old Forge, Lynton Cross, Bittadon4879(pdf 112kb) PDF logo
Bratton FlemingRye Park, Bratton Fleming3989(pdf 160kb) PDF logo
Bratton FlemingLand opposite Greenacres Farm, Lower Stowford5887(pdf 1.0 MB) PDF logo
Bratton FlemingLand to the rear of the property known as "Summerland", Bratton Fleming6390(pdf 812kb) PDF logo
Bratton FlemingLand off Grange Hill, Bratton Fleming6588(pdf 318 kb) PDF logo
Bratton FlemingLand at Highlands, Stowford Cross6864(pdf 485 kb) PDF logo
Bratton FlemingLong Close, Lower Stowford, Stowford7902(pdf 342 kb) PDF logo
Braunton8 Burrows Close, Braunton3979(pdf 90kb) PDF logo
Braunton85 Chivenor Cross, Chivenor, Braunton5511(pdf 925kb) PDF logo
BrauntonCorfe Green House, Knowle, Braunton
(pdf 138kb) PDF logo
(pdf 83kb) PDF logo
(pdf 88kb) PDF logo
BrauntonThe Grange, Sanfield Farm, Lobb, Braunton4668(pdf 95kb) PDF logo
BrauntonButtercombe Lane Quarry, Boode, Braunton4515(pdf 101kb) PDF logo
BrauntonField at SS5037NW, Buttercombe Lane, Boode, Braunton7481(pdf 315kb) PDF logo
BurringtonLand near Whitecleave House, Burrington6141(pdf 779kb) PDF logo
BurringtonLand adjacent to Bragamarsh Wood and the A377, Burrington
7116 - Stop Notice
7116 - EN Operational
7116 - EN Photographs
(pdf 78kb) PDF logo
(pdf 880kb) PDF logo
(pdf 1.95mb) PDF logo
BurringtonValle Vue, Burrington8085(pdf 504kb) PDF logo
BurringtonOakleigh (formerly known as Braggamarsh Wood)8362(pdf 447kb) PDF logo
ChittlehamholtExeter Inn, Chittlehamholt1861(pdf 152kb) PDF logo
ChittlehamptonLittle Langaton Farm, Chittlehampton3955(pdf 989kb) PDF logo
ChittlehamptonCaveland Farm, Meethe
6048 (1a)
6048 (1b)
6048 (1c)
6048 (1d)
6048 - Appeal Decision
(pdf 5.27mb) PDF logo
(pdf 5.07mb) PDF logo
(pdf 3.06m) PDF logo
(pdf 5.22mb) PDF logo
(pdf 968kb) PDF logo
ChittlehamptonLangaton Shippon, Higher Langaton Farm, Chittlehampton8884(pdf 387kb) PDF logo
ChulmleighTaw Hollow, Burrington, Umberleigh4516 (pdf 180kb) PDF logo
ChulmleighThe Old Court House, Chulmleigh2999(pdf 157kb) PDF logo
ChulmleighField Adjacent to Bakers Elstone Farm, Chulmleigh7187(pdf 1.13mb) PDF logo
ChulmleighLand north of Edgiford Cross, part Huntacott Farm, Chulmleigh8584(pdf 869kb) PDF logo
Combe MartinBridge House, King Street, Combe Martin3066(pdf 181kb) PDF logo
Combe MartinParkhills Industrial Estate, Rectory Road, Combe Martin4694(pdf 124kb) PDF logo
Combe MartinReubendale House, High Street
(pdf 192kb) PDF logo
(pdf 189kb) PDF logo
Combe MartinVellacott Farm, Vellacott Lane2677(pdf 150kb) PDF logo
Combe MartinRock House Farm, Castle Street, Combe Martin5533(pdf 785kb) PDF logo
Combe MartinAgricultural land on the property known as Hillsview Ridge Hill7090(pdf 1.65mb) PDF logo
Combe MartinHills View, Ridge Hill, Combe Martin8116(pdf 577kb) PDF logo
Combe MartinJananda Stud Smallholding, Land off Shute Lane, Combe Martin8466(pdf 767kb) PDF logo
East AnsteyMickles Field, Whitefield Cross, West Anstey4517(pdf 1.23mb) PDF logo
East DownLand at Brinscott Farm, Combe Martin5752(pdf 2051kb) PDF logo
East WorlingtonWoodpark Cottage, West Worlington6808(pdf 3.45mb) PDF logo
FremingtonOld Barn Inn, Bickington3562(pdf 256kb) PDF logo
GeorgehamThe Folly, Higher Stentaway, Croyde6708(pdf 405kb) PDF logo
GeorgehamShippen Rill, Millers Brook, Croyde7062(pdf 2.8mb) PDF logo
GeorgehamField at 4428NE, off Milkaway Lane, Croyde7102 and 8639(pdf 1.16mb) PDF logo
Heanton PunchardonFair Oak Farm, Ashford
(pdf 146kb) PDF logo
(pdf 127kb) PDF logo
(pdf 131kb) PDF logo
Horwood, Lovacott & Newton TraceyLand adjacent to The A39, Lydacott5268(pdf 1.2mb) PDF logo
Horwood, Lovacott & Newton TraceyLand at Horwood (a.k.a. Woodpecker Barton), Opposite lane leading to West Barton Stables, Horwood5924(pdf 332kb) PDF logo
Horwood, Lovacott & Newton TraceyField at SS 5026 2683, Watergate Corner, Horwood7082(pdf 2.0mb) PDF logo
Ilfracombe25 Bicclescombe Park Rd, Ilfracombe3953(pdf 122kb) PDF logo
Ilfracombe21 Church Road, Ilfracombe5201(pdf 1.12mb) PDF logo
Ilfracombe11-12 High Street, Ilfracombe3687(pdf 144kb) PDF logo
IlfracombeSt Agnes, Quayfield Road5843(pdf 1.01mb) PDF logo
Ilfracombe9 Hillsborough Terrace, Ilfracombe6471(pdf 1.3mb) PDF logo
IlfracombeGabriel House, Wilder Road6585(pdf 2.38mb) PDF logo
Ilfracombe1 Shipping Chambers, The Quay6863(pdf 2.6mb) PDF logo
Kentisbury2 West View, Blackmoor Gate, Kentisbury
(pdf 87kb) PDF logo
(pdf 103kb) PDF logo
(pdf 84kb) PDF logo
KentisburyWestleigh Farm, Combe Martin
(pdf 119kb) PDF logo
(pdf 217kb) PDF logo
KentisburyField at SS6242NW, Kentisbury Ford, Kentisbury7028(pdf 1.5mb) PDF logo
KentisburyGrattons, Patchole, Kentisbury Ford7024(pdf 1.5mb) PDF logo
Kings NymptonLand at Garland Cross, Kings Nympton
6308 - Material
6308 - Operational
(pdf 408kb) PDF logo
(pdf 408kb) PDF logo
Kings NymptonGlebelands, Kings Nympton7512(pdf 406kb) PDF logo
Knowstonewest Hill, Knowstone, South Molton7374(pdf 3.0Mb) PDF logo
LandkeyStepsford Holding, Birch Road, Landkey6677(pdf 691kb) PDF logo
LoxhoreOakdene, Loxhore7133(pdf 2.27Mb)PDF logo
MarwoodWest Wing, Lee House, Marwood4161(pdf 197kb) PDF logo
MollandWild Boar Plantation, West Anstey, South Molton
(pdf 955kb) PDF logo
(pdf 885kb) PDF logo
MortehoeEastacott Nature Farm, Woolacombe Rise, Woolacombe
1806 - Building
1806 - Use (Notice B)
1806 - Operational (Notice A - Quashed)
(pdf 2.67mb) PDF logo
(pdf 4mb) PDF logo
(pdf 3.89mb) PDF logo
MortehoeMoongold, Springfield Road, Woolacombe5601(pdf 1.9 MB) PDF logo
MortehoeGreentop, Headlands View Avenue, Woolacombe8131(pdf 1.15 MB) PDF logo
Pilton WestLand at Roborough Barns (a.k.a. Twinmoor View)6893(pdf 476kb) PDF logo
RackenfordLand on North side of Lower Tidderson Barn, Rackenford6983(pdf 2.7Mb) PDF logo
RackenfordLand adj. Middle Mogworthy, Rackenford8032(pdf 347kb)PDF logo
Satterleigh & WarkleighLand to the East of Higher Watertown, Chittlehamholt5581(pdf 556 kb) PDF logo
South Molton23A South Street, South Molton3816(pdf 195kb) PDF logo
South MoltonSouth Ford Farm, Exeter Road, South Molton5695(pdf 595 kb)
SwimbridgeLand at Field Pt OS 0985 SS5928 Green Lane, Swimbridge
5547 - Access
5547 - Building
(pdf 337kb) PDF logo
(pdf 301kb) PDF logo
SwimbridgeLand North of Higher Yarnacott, Yarnacott, Swimbridge7073 - Chalet(pdf 1.6 MB)
SwimbridgeLand North of Higher Yarnacott, Yarnacott, Swimbridge7073 - Building(pdf 896kb) PDF logo
SwimbridgeLand North of Higher Yarnacott, Yarnacott, Swimbridge7073 - Barbeque Area(pdf 1.3 MB)
SwimbridgeLand North of Higher Yarnacott, Yarnacott, Swimbridge7073 - Land(pdf 2.1 MB)
SwimbridgeLand at 14/15 Meadow Way, Tree Rural Enterprise Park, Gunn7225(pdf 308 kb) PDF logo
SwimbridgeField Pt OS 0985, Green Lane, Bishops Tawton7346(pdf 224kb) PDF logo
TawstockLand OS 7868, Corfe, Tawstock2459(pdf 693kb) PDF logo
TawstockYelland Strawberry Farm, Harracott, Nr Barnstaple5879(pdf 1.1 MB) PDF logo
TawstockLand At Oak Farm (AKA Land lying to west of Smemington Barn), Tawstock, Barnstaple8164(pdf 1.1 MB) PDF logo
WestleighWalled Area Adjacent to Highway, Near White Lodge, Westleigh, Instow, Bideford6226(pdf 3.2 MB) PDF logo
WitheridgeLand at Woodpark Copse, Witheridge2464(pdf 270 kb) PDF logo
Witheridge26 West Street_Witheridge3421(pdf 244kb) PDF logo
WitheridgeColeford Farm, Rackenford3356(pdf 130kb) PDF logo
WitheridgeMalson Farm, Rackenford6215(pdf 1.97 mb) PDF logo

Contact information

For planning enquiries, contact the Customer Service Centre:

Telephone: 01271 388288
For Typetalk: precede with 18001
Text: 07624 804042
Fax: 01271 388451

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Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Appointment based planning surgeries are held at:
To make an appointment visit one of the offices or phone 01271 388288.

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