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Pitch hire

Football pitches

Clubs, pubs and organisations can hire football pitches via our external football co-ordinator Tony Cloak on 07854119477, or 01271 346009.

NDC manages three pitches at Rock Park (Barnstaple), two pitches at Tarka Tennis Centre (Barnstaple) and the Football pitch at Brimlands (Ilfracombe). All six pitches are used by local teams during the Football season, but we would be happy to try and help find a pitch for your more 'informal' fixtures.

Rock Park and Brimlands are currently available for cricket fixtures during the summer (both have artificial wickets).

Prices as of 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2012
TownLocationNo of PitchesSeasonPrice including changing facilitiesPrice excluding changing facilities
BarnstapleRock Park3September to MaySenior £32.50
Junior £23.60
Senior £25.10
Junior £17.80
BarnstapleTarka Tennis Centre2September to MaySenior £32.50
Junior £23.60
Senior £25.10
Junior £17.80
IlfracombeBrimlands1September to MaySenior £32.50
Junior £23.60
Senior £25.10
Junior £17.80

Cricket pitches

Cricket pitches can be hired via the Parks team.

Information on cricket pitches for use as follows:.
TownLocationNumber of PitchesSeasonPrice
BarnstapleRock Park1May to AugustSenior £33.50
Junior £23.60
IlfracombeBrimlands1May to AugustSenior £33.50
Junior £23.60

Contact details

Parks Team
North Devon Council
Civic Centre
Devon, EX31 1EA

Tel: 01271 388308

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