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Clubmark is an initiative from Sport England aimed at ensuring the highest standards within English sports clubs. This safe, effective, child-friendly scheme is a new set of standards for enabling National Governing Bodies and the clubs to provide better quality sports club provision for children and young people.

The Sport England Clubmark covers a wide range of sports. It is there to help parents, carers and young people to quickly recognise a club that is committed to providing a quality experience in a safe environment.

For clubs to gain this award they must meet certain criteria covering the following four areas of a clubs provision:

  • The playing programme - coaching and competition
  • The protection and safety of children and young people
  • Sports equity and ethics
  • Club management.

Clubs will be supported by Sport England as well as local Sports Development professionals, and will be able to access workshops to keep them updated with the latest initiatives and information. With this accreditation clubs will:
  • be better organised and resourced as a club
  • increase membership
  • promoted in local and national databases

If you are a club and are interested in getting your club accredited, then please contact your National Governing Body for further information or look on the Sport England website: external website

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