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Council tax support scheme

From April 2013 the government cut the amount of money that North Devon Council has to pay for council tax benefits.

If you previously received council tax benefit, you may have to pay more towards your council tax bill than before.

We have been working hard to make our new council tax support scheme as fair as possible and to protect those who are most vulnerable.

Main points

Council tax benefit no longer exists. It has been replaced by 'Council tax support'.

If you are of working age you will have to pay at least a quarter of your council tax bill (even if you are on income support, job seekers and/or employment support allowance). Depending on your circumstances, you may have to pay more than a quarter of your bill – we will calculate this and let you know.

If you have savings or capital of over £6,000, you will have to pay more towards your council tax bill.

Council tax support for those living in larger properties will be limited to the same support as those living in average size properties.

If you can afford to pay council tax but live with a family member or friend on a low income, you will no longer receive support.

If you work, we will now ignore the first £10 of your weekly income if you are single, and £20 if you are a couple, when calculating your council tax support.

Support for pensioners

If you are of state pensionable age you will be protected from the cuts, so will receive the same level of council tax support as before.

Vulnerability policy

Our vulnerability policy sets out or approach to defining and assisting those deemed as vulnerable. Additional support to people who are in exceptional hardship or who are particularly vulnerable through a hardship fund.

Your council tax bill

Council tax bills were sent out in march. This sets out how much you will have to pay each month. Your bill will be divided into 10 instalments, with the first instalment due on Monday 1 April. If you would prefer to have your instalments spread over 12 months please contact us.

Other resources

Contact information

To contact the Benefits Team:

Telephone: 01271 388877
Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm


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