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North Devon transferred its housing stock to North Devon Homes external websitein 2000. North Devon Homes now deal with all aspects relating to former council tenancies, new tenancies and garage rentals. All enquiries concerning home ownership, repairs, rent/rent arrears, home improvements and garden maintenance should be directed to North Devon Homes.

Affordable housing is one of the council’s priority areas. In order to help to address this need the council has worked in partnership with West Somerset Council and Exmoor National Park to create a Rural Housing Enabler project. This project is funded by a number of partner organisations (local authorities and registered providers.

Devon Home Choice

Devon Home Choice

Devon Home Choice External link is a choice based letting scheme.

Under the scheme, council and housing association homes available to let in Devon will be advertised through Devon Home Choice each week.

Devon Home Choice aims to:
  • provide choice for people seeking housing and the ability to move within Devon
  • develop a common scheme across Devon that is transparent, easy to understand and accessible to all

Devon Home Choice - further information

Devon Home Choice Newsletter - properties currently advertised for bidding.

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