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Health and social care

North Devon Council's care aims to provide you with better access to information about your health and social care.

Devon County Council external website works in partnership with other organisations external website to provide a wide range of services to support, care and protect vulnerable people in the community: For more information  or if you are interested in working in social care please try their website.

Devon County Council's Devon Community Directory external website

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Search external website for health and social care resources and services for people in Devon and Torbay, provided by nearly 3000 organisations:
  • find organisations and services that serve a specific location. You can search the entire county, a town or village
  • identify organisations that specialise in services for specific groups of people, such as carers or older people
  • select organisations of your choice to create your own list of favourites.
  • choose from three printable reports on the information that is of interest to you - a brief report of contact details, a more detailed summary for each service or a full report on each service and what it offers

Services for children and families

Services for older people

Services for people with disabilities

Other services