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Open data


In the spirit of transparency, we have started to publish datasets for which we are responsible. A dataset is a collection of facts or information. Our datasets cover:
  • assets we own or manage
  • expenditure and spending on services
  • geographic information about the district


We will add further datasets in the future:
  • car park information: NDC car park data, locations, spaces and facilities (added 2 June 2011)
  • councillor grant data: information on grants awarded by councillors to local organisations
  • election results: contributing to the Open Election Data project (added 13 July 2011)
  • equality data: a range of customer service, workforce and service delivery datasets
  • expenditure data: spending data for individual items over £500 (updated monthly)
  • food hygiene ratings: check food hygiene standards of restaurants, takeaways or food shops in North Devon (updated weekly)
  • members' allowances: payments made under the scheme for members' allowances (added 2 June 2011)
  • members' attendance: the number of council meetings each councillor has attended (updated monthly)
  • public toilet data: facilities, locations, opening times and more (added 19 July 2011)
  • senior salary data: payband data for senior staff (updated annually)
  • website statistics: showing overall web hits, popular pages and so on (updated monthly)
Central government and all other local authorities are publishing open data. You can find further information at:

Using the data

Data is published as:
  • printable versions: usually pdf files
  • machine readable formats, which can be easily re-formatted and re-presented: such as comma separated value (CSV) files
You can use the data to:
  • see how we work and how resources are allocated, or find specific information
  • republish on your website
  • create a web or mobile phone application or "mashup" - for example, using datasets to produce maps or visualisations


There are lots of resources available to help you along the way, including:

Open Government Licence

Unless otherwise stated, the data is licensed under the Open Government Licenceexternal website. This means that you do not need permission to use or re-use the data.

Contact information

We would love to hear from you. Contact us if you:
  • have any questions about the data
  • spot any errors or omissions
  • would like to discuss how to use this data, including ideas for application development
  • would like to show us what you have done with the data

Telephone: 01271 388278
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