Parliamentary Election Result 6th May 2010
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Parliamentary Election - North Devon Constituency - 6th May 2010


Electorate Seats % Poll Turnout

Name of Candidate Description Number of votes
if Elected the word 'ELECTED' appears against the number of votes
CANN, MarkThe Labour Party Candidate2671
CANN, RodneyIndependent588
CROWTHER, StephenUK Independence Party (UK I P)3720
HARVEY, NickLiberal Democrat24,305 ELECTED
KNIGHT, L'AnneThe Green Party Candidate697
MARSHALL, GaryBritish National Party614
MILTON, PhilipThe Conservative Party Candidate18,484
SABLES, GerrardCommunist Party of Britain96
VIDLER, NigelEnglish Democrats "Putting England First!"146
Postal Votes Issued: 10212 Returned: 8914 - 87.29%Spoilt papers82

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