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Welcome to Electoral Registration

The Electoral Registration Department is responsible for compiling and maintaining a list of electors, in the North Devon area, that are able to vote at elections. This list is updated every year to remove people who are no longer in the area or add people who have reached voting age or moved into North Devon. The list is a public document and you must ensure that you are included on it. If your name is not included on the list you will be unable to vote at any elections that occur.

Individual Electoral Registration (IER)

What is IER?
The electoral registration system in Great Britain is changing from the 10 June 2014. At present, one person in every household, the ‘head of household’ is responsible for registering everyone who lives at that address during the 'annual canvass'.
From 10 June 2014, every individual is responsible for their own voter registration and will need to register to vote individually. This is called ‘Individual Electoral Registration’.

What is different about the new system?
The new system means:
  • Every individual will be responsible for their own registration. Under the old system, the ‘head of household’ was responsible for registering everyone who lived at the address.
  • You will need to provide 'identifying information' about yourself to register - including your National Insurance number and your date of birth.
  • From 10 June 2014 you will also be able to register online at external website or by telephoning 01271 388277.
Why is the system changing?
Individual electoral registration is being introduced nationally to help tackle electoral fraud and enable online registration, which will make it easier and more convenient for you to ensure that you are registered to vote.

How will I know if I am registered under this new system?
If you are included on the Register of Electors by 1 July and your identifying information matches our records, you will receive written confirmation in July/August that you are registered to vote under the new system.
If your information does not match our records, we will send you an 'Invitation to Register' asking you for new identifying information.
Properties without any registered electors will be sent a Household Enquiry form to collect the names of any residents.

What happens if I don't respond?
A reminder form will be sent to any residents who do not respond.  By law, we must also send a second reminder, followed by a personal visit to all residents who do not register to vote under the new system so that their details can be included on the 2014 revised register due to be published on 1 December 2014.

Will the change affect how I vote?
No, voting processes haven’t changed. However, if you are a postal or proxy voter you must register individually under the new system or you will automatically lose the right to a postal or proxy vote.

Viewing the register of electors

Copies of the register of electors for North Devon Council are available for inspection:
The Register is a public document and has other uses apart from the conduct of elections. The figure for triggering a Mayoral Referendum is calculated from it. It is also used by the credit agencies and in its edited form it can be purchased by anyone.

Absent Voting - Postal or Proxy Voting

If you are away or have difficulties attending your polling station to vote you can set up an absent vote. This can be by postal voting or setting up a proxy to vote on your behalf.

Community Governance Reviews

Information on reviews can be viewed on the Community Governance Reviews page.

If you are Not registered

If your name is not shown in the part of the register of electors for your address, you can apply to have your details added/changed.  The appropriate form may be obtained from:

Electoral Services
North Devon Council
Civic Centre
North Walk
EX31 1EA

Telephone: 01271 388277
or visit external website

Contact information

Electoral Services
North Devon Council
Civic Centre
EX31 1EA

Telephone: 01271 388277
For Typetalk: precede with 18001
Fax: 01271 343968
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