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Council policies and plans

Here are the policies, plans and strategies that guide the delivery of our major service areas. For more information please consult the relevant subject areas of the website.

Document Date adopted
Affordable Housing Delivery Plan (pdf 254 kB) PDF logo2012
Anti-fraud Corruption and Bribery Policy (pdf 59 kB) PDF logo2012
Anti-money Laundering Policy and Procedure (pdf 40 kB) PDF logo2012
Asset Management Plan (pdf 141 kB) PDF logo2013
Barnstaple Vehicle Parking Strategy (pdf 212 kB) PDF logo2008
Children and Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding Policy (pdf 145 kB) 2010
Community Councillor Grants Policy (pdf 83 kB) PDF logo2011
Community Engagement Framework (pdf 227 kB) PDF logo2010
Community Right to Bid (pdf 76 kB) PDF logo2013
Contaminated Land Strategy (pdf 771 kB) PDF logo2009
Corporate Plan (pdf 719 kB) PDF logo
Crime and Disorder Councillor Call for Action Protocol (pdf 134 kB) 2010
Data Protection Policy (pdf 40 kB) PDF logo2012
Devon Home Choice Policy (pdf 1025 kB) PDF logo2009
Economic Strategy (pdf 662 kB) PDF logo2013
Environmental Health Enforcement Policy (pdf 124 kB) PDF logo2008
Equality in Employment Policy (pdf 69 kB) PDF logo2011
Film Classification Policy (pdf 165 kB) PDF logo2014
Gambling Act Statement of Principles (pdf 497 kb) PDF logo2012
Gypsy and Traveller Toleration Policy (pdf 56 kB) PDF logo2011
Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Policy (pdf 255 kB) PDF logo2013
Homelessness Prevention Policy (pdf 214kB) PDF logo2012
Houses of Multiple Occupancy Licensing Policy (pdf 34 kB) PDF logo2011
Ilfracombe Harbour PoliciesVarious
Inclusive Equality Scheme (pdf 247 kB) PDF logo2012
Income and debt recovery policy (pdf 68 kB) PDF logo2011
Insurance details PDF logo 
Licensing Act 2003 Licensing Policy (pdf 426 kb) PDF logo2013
Leisure and Health Strategy (pdf 603 kB) PDF logo2013
Local Plan (Adopted 1995-2011) Local Plan (Draft 2011-2031)  PDF logo1995-2011
Medium Term Financial Strategy (pdf 121 kB) PDF logo2011
Member Support Strategy (pdf 61 kB) PDF logo2011
Member Training and Development Strategy (pdf 55 kB) PDF logo2011
Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon Collections Development Policy (pdf 134kb) PDF logo2015
Overview and Scrutiny Committee Councillor Call for Action Protocol (pdf 147 kB) PDF logo2010
Petitions Scheme PDF logo2010
Private Sector Housing Renewal Strategy (pdf 137 kB) PDF logo2013
Public Convenience Policy (pdf 68 kB) PDF logo2015/16
Rough Sleeper Strategy (pdf 417 KB) PDF logo2008
RIPA Policy and procedure (pdf 253 Kb) PDF logo2014
Safer North Devon Plan (pdf 182 KB) PDF logo2012
Sex Establishment Licensing Policy (pdf 636 KB) PDF logo2011
Statutory Pay Policy Statement (pdf 235 KB) PDF logo2014
Sustainable Procurement Strategy (pdf 146 kB) PDF logo2010
Trade Union Facility Time (pdf 101 kB) PDF logo2014
Treasury Management Policy (pdf 133kB) PDF logo2013
Tree Management Policy (pdf 63 kB) PDF logo2013
Unreasonable Persistent and unreasonable customer behaviour  (pdf 238 kB) PDF logo2012

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