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South Molton community action plan


  1. Maps Page
  2. North Devon, showing South Molton as the service centre
  3. South Molton MCTI area
  4. South Molton town
  5. The Central Development Area (CDA)
  6. Pathfields Business Park


Appendix A (pdf 38kb) PDF logo
  • Background Information
  • a) The Health-check
  • b) South Molton Community Appraisal 1997
  • c) Community Events 2001
  • d) The Workshops
  • e) Stakeholders Workshop July 03
  • f) Analysis of consultation data
  • g) Key Statistics
  • h) Technical Officers Feedback
  • h) Key Issues Identified
Appendix B (pdf 21kb) PDF logo
  • Strategic Context and Area Profile
  • a) South Molton in Context
  • b) Parishes within the MCTI hinterland
Appendix C (pdf 42kb) PDF logo - SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats)

Appendix D (pdf 17kb) PDF logo - Recent History

Appendix E (pdf 19kb) PDF logo
  • a) Partner Organisations
  • b) North Devon Community Alliance organisations

Appendix F - MA2K Business Plan

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