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Industrial Sites

Woodlands Enterprise Centre, Pathfield Business Park


Seven new units have been constructed at Woodlands Enterprise Centre with five 1,000 square feet units and two 2,000 square feet units. All units are fully serviced industrial units including a full range of services and toilet/wash facilities. In addition a business support unit has been constructed which has a shared ground floor reception area, site administration facility and a kitchenette and a ground floor business resource centre with ICT provision and a multipurpose training/conference/meeting facility.

The development has been sustainably designed which should, dependant upon use, result in reduced revenue costs (water usage, heating and so on). The buildings are super insulated, timber framed and clad. All finishes are "eco" friendly Each unit has a purpose designed passive natural ventilation system with no powered fans. The toilets are DDA compliant and utilise harvested rainwater for toilet flushing. A central recycling area is incorporated for use by all units. The development as a whole has achieved a Devon and Cornwall Constabulary "Secured by Design" award.

The units have been designed to encourage innovative technology based companies to grow and contribute to the local economy. They can be used for research and development, light or general industry.

For further information on requirements, costs and how to apply for a business unit, please call the economic development team.



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