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Rateable values

The rateable value of non-domestic properties is fixed in most cases by an independent valuation officer of the Valuation Office Agency. All non-domestic property is revalued every five years. From 1 April 2010, the rateable value of a property represents its annual open market rental value as at 1 April 2008. The values of all property in respect of which rates are payable to your authority are shown in the local rating list, a copy of which may be inspected at:

Valuation Office Agency
Broadwalk House
Southernhay West
Exeter EX1 1TS

Telephone: 03000 501 501
Web: Valuation Officeexternal website

and at our offices.

The valuation officer may alter the value if he believes that the circumstances of the property have changed. The ratepayer (and certain others who have an interest in the property) may also in certain circumstances propose a change in value. If in any case the ratepayer and the valuation officer do not agree, the matter will be referred as an appeal to a Valuation Tribunal.

The valuation officer may alter the value if the circumstances of the property have changed. The ratepayer (and certain others who have an interest in the property) can also appeal against the value shown in the list if they believe it is wrong. Further information about making appeals can be found on the VOA website or from your local valuation office.

Successful appeals against values shown in the rating list that came into force on 1 April 2010 will normally be backdated to that date, although there are exceptions to this. Further information about these arrangements may be found on the VOA website.

Information about the circumstances in which a change in a rateable value may be proposed and how such a proposal may be made is available from the valuation office shown above. Further information about the new appeals arrangements may be obtained from North Devon District Council.

National non-domestic rating multiplier

The national non-domestic rating multiplier is the rate in the pound by which, outside the City of London where special arrangements apply, the rateable value is multiplied to provide the annual rate bill for a property. It is set annually by the Government and except in a revaluation year cannot, by law, rise by more than the amount of the increase in the retail prices index.

Contact information

You can contact the business rates team in several ways.

By post:

North Devon Council
Civic Centre
North Walk
EX31 1EA

Telephone: 01271 388361
For Typetalk: precede with 18001
Fax: 01271 318572

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