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We provide RSS feeds to help you receive frequent updates from the NDC website.

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What is RSS?

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RSS (which stands for really simple syndication) allows web users to receive automatic updates from websites to which they have subscribed. Updates from RSS feeds are distributed as and when they are published on the website.

RSS feeds are sometimes referred to as news feeds as RSS is commonly used for news updates.

Many websites now provide one or more RSS feeds for web users. It is easy to subscribe to these feeds by just clicking on a button or a web link. The RSS button – white concentric circles on an orange background – has become the standard way to tell users that a website provides RSS.

To view RSS feeds, users need a newsreader that aggregates or collates RSS feeds. There are many different newsreaders available. Which one you use will depend upon the operating system you use (for example Microsoft Windows, Mac OS) and your web browser – the software that allows you to view websites (for example Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Netscape).

Some newsreaders will need to be downloaded to your computer. Other readers, such as Google Reader, are web based – that is, you access them through the internet and do not have to download any software. Some services, such as Netvibes, combine newsreaders with other tools that allow you to follow web forums, web trends and other information published on the web.

RSS is free to use. Most newsreaders are free to download and use.

Further reading

Read more about RSS at the BBC websiteexternal website

The Open Directory Projectexternal website has an extensive list of newsreaders.

Email alerts

If you would prefer to receive email alerts, there are services available to create emails from our RSS feeds. Try IFTTTexternal website